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Norway's Beharie reflects on humanity and emotion on self-titled EP

Norwegian artist Beharie brings together powerful song writing and eclectic musical  influences on his self-titled EP. On this second collection of genre-hopping songs, Beharie leans into his natural versatility as an artist, spanning upbeat indie-pop to sombre folk music, underpinned by his signature soul sound.

Delving into themes of identity and relationships, Beharie explores two distinct personal narratives right before and after a break up, opening with the folksy instrumentals of 38-second intro track “Three Worlds Apart,” before easing listeners into a pleasant musical journey with the gentle stylings of “I Wish I Was You.”


Opening the production with the phrase, “one day, or two. Take in all that’s new”, Beharie immediately establishes his ability to weave comforting tales with his poetic lyricism. However, it’s on following track “Don’t Wanna Know,” his inherent strength in soul music shines through as he delivers calm,soothing vocals enhanced by a pop-tinged, groovy soundscape and a catchy chorus.

From a genre that always been deeply rooted in his expression, Beharie who grew surrounded by soul music allows his musical curiosity to take over as he goes from one genre to another on this EP, highlighting his sonic diversity as well as the trust he places in his creative instincts.

What’s most impressive aside from his far-reaching talent, is perhaps the cohesiveness of the EP even as it seamlessly moves from the nuances of soul into the stripped back ballad stylings of “Won’t You Let Me Go,” and then into the stand-out R&B sensibilities of  “Don’t Worry,” delivering a production that commands attention with its sonic unity while still allowing each track to shine with distinct musicality.

Where the EP is mostly memorable, slow-burn final track “Me and My Lonely,” fails to close out the six-track collection on an impactful high. Despite this, Beharie’s efforts to marry the modern production with soul of older genres can be regarded a success on his second outing by bringing together his personal experiences with his penchant of experimentation.

Speaking of the EP, Beharie said:  “It’s a reflection of my experience of being a human these last years. A great mix between love, growth, challenges and frustration.”

A swirling amalgamation of lived experiences and a well-honed musical aptitude, the EP is a pensive and immersive tale that broadens how the world views this multi-faceted artist.

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