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Feng Suave's 'Tomb for Rockets' radiates summer serenity

Amsterdam duo Feng Suave have gained popularity among indie-pop fans for their combination of beachy production and intimate lyrics. Their  2020 EP, Warping Youthshowed listeners that the duo was capable of making fleshed-out, organic tracks with themes of adolescence and introspection. They proved that their sound and style transcended simple bedroom pop. 

Now, Feng Suave have returned with their first release of 2021 with "Tomb for Rockets." While the track echoes their signature style of hypnotic guitar riffs and carefree tone, the duo incorporate 70s soul elements with more extravagant production and rhythm. Add angelic, airy background vocals and playful lyricism and you have a track that perfectly encapsulates the start of summer, eliciting moods of warmth and tranquility. 

The band cites multiple different inspirations for the track — most notably, soul legend Bill Withers and contemporary artists such as Father John Misty and Weyes Blood. This mix of diverse influences played a significant role in the development of the multi-genre concoction that is "Tomb for Rockets." 

Essential to Feng Suave's style is their vivid, image-filled lyrics and this track is no exception. "All I wanna do is pretend we're islands in the tub" and "Maybe you could roll the windows down and turn it up." It's lines like these that allow Feng Suave to produce the perfect mood music for lazy summer days. 

The pair described their vision with the song's conception and direction. "We spent a long time looking for the right structure in this tune and had a hard time coming up with something that felt laid back and breezy without sounding uninspired or too easy. The lyrics however came very naturally and when combined with the music they make something that feels quite close to a love song."

Check out the playful music video for "Tomb for Rockets" above and stream the track on Spotify or Soundcloud

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