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Myles Lloyd bares it all with rich new release “Running on You”

Canadian R&B artist Myles Lloyd is courageous in facing his fears with his bold new single “Running on You”. With lush R&B tones, pulsating synths and soft guitars, there is an organic rawness that radiates throughout. Indicative of talents like The Weekend and Post Malone, he displays a smooth, seductive sound that is truly mesmerizing. The haunting track lays all his emotions on the table, letting his vulnerability shine. It’s a narration of feeling exposed in a highly uncomfortable moment. 

The Montreal native is known for his soulful, silky flair and candid lyrics of his profound life experiences. Inspired by musical heavy hitters Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson, it is easy to get drunk off his intoxicating style. The singer reveals, “I wasn’t listening to anything other than my fears whilst finding the words to say.” Ultimately the song is about accepting the fact your misunderstood while trying to still be there for your partner in the end." The offering glows with that same quality we have come to know and love from the artist. Take a listen to the magnetic vibes of “Running on You”.

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