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Savannah Conley's 'Surprise, Surprise' EP is a journey all its own

Savannah Conley's new EP Surprise, Surprise feels so nostalgic. It's got this haze over it, like looking back on memories from a rear-view window.

Opening with "Being Around You" just sets the scene so perfectly, it has this driving melody with a rock edge. She's preparing you for the heartbreak and all of the emotions surrounding it. Her voice is like honey, thick and sweet, and it just floats around her lyrics. The opening track feels like a strong declaration, but this EP has a lot of surrounding softness.

Songs like "Dream Boy" and "Surprise, Surprise" keep up with the vintage feel of the EP but are so vulnerable and dreamy. "Not Where I'm Going" serves as a turning point, a confessional song that has Conley turning back to herself, trying to find where she's going, and knowing she can't keep going in the same direction. The sound of her voice is chilling. It's raw and honest.

From start to finish, it's easy to get this sense of catharsis, this return to authenticity throughout this EP. It's heartbreaking but hopeful, and at the core of this project, it's about a return to self and letting go of the past.

Raised in Nashville by a background singer mother and session guitarist father, Savannah Conley's musical education was deeply ingrained from a young age. Her debut EP, Twenty Twenty, was produced by Grammy Award-winning producer Dave Cobb. Savannah has seen so much growth in her projects and her sound is only getting better.

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