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Get swept up in Jesse Walton’s "Into light"

London composer, singer-songwriter and musician Jesse Walton unveils his new single “Into Light”. The graceful and soul-stirring release captivates with masterful folk storytelling. A sentimental love song, the tender tune details the beauty of new romance and enjoying life’s little moments. Soulfully singing, “I’m loving the view, when I’m lying right next to you and if you don’t mind I’m never going to let you go,” you can feel a pure passion seeping through. With calm acoustic guitars and glowing piano, the offering wraps you in a delicate comfort. The light drums act as a soft heartbeat adding to the track’s gentle, loving energy.

Walton spent much of his teenage years traveling, busking all across Europe and America. Through that experience he developed his raw and honest sound. “Into Light” has that same mesmerizing authenticity. His irresistible hooks and wistful vocals make his music a true joy to listen to. Inspired by greats like Bob Dylan and The War On Drugs, a warm essence shines in each of his songs. Take a listen to “Into Light” and get lost in this heartfelt offering.

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