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Satin Jackets and Jon Paul unleash a new "Secret Lover"

Since making his debut back in 2012, German producer Tim Berhardt has steadily made his way to the top of nu disco as Satin Jackets with his signature style of summery disco house. Satin Jackets has released a number of amazing singles, EPs, and remixes along the way that will also have you bringing up names like Goldroom, Moullinex, Panama, and Tycho. Despite the pandemic, this past year was not stopping Bernhardt from sharing that feel-good energy we’ve come to love. His latest single only proves Satin Jackets was just getting the party started. Out now via Eskimo Recordings, “Secret Lover” is somehow everything we didn’t know we were missing from this masked man.

“Secret Lover” sees Satin Jackets teaming up with rising Berlin singer Jon Paul and the result is a massive modern disco-infused anthem. As soon as Jon Paul had the idea for the track, he knew Satin Jackets was meant to bring it to life. Filled with soaring melodies, glittering synths, dramatic piano, and Nile Rodgers style guitar, “Secret Lover” fits right up there with Daft Punk and Dua Lipa for contemporary disco. Its uptempo, contagious energy cannot be resisted. Armed with a spirited chorus to top things off, you’ll be singing and dancing along at first listen.

Despite its carefree façade, “Secret Lover” touches on inner struggle. It’s about “being emotionally unavailable… Telling yourself you’re better off alone while the thing you’re really afraid of is a broken heart,” explains Jon Paul to label Eskimo Recordings for press. “It’s about losing a lover that you couldn’t fully let into your life,” Paul goes on to explain. With the optimism radiating off the performances from these two, it's safe to suspect that love is now permitted to enter and there's no more secret. Look for “Secret Lover” digitally out now and everywhere, because Satin Jackets and Jon Paul have officially kicked off summer.

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