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So Zuppy proclaims his love in “Eachother” [Video]

Milwaukee-based producer Micah Foust is So Zuppy, a game-changing bedroom pop artist. He describes himself as always being obsessed with music and musicians, even revealing the one time he got into trouble in elementary school for pirating MP3s in the computer lab.  Luckily, that obsession blossomed into something extraordinary. Today, he shares the lead single, "Eachother", off his upcoming EP, Blindly, Pt. 2. Foust gave EARMILK the details about himself and his music.

Short and sweet, the bright melody of “Eachother” comes from a home-made synth and gentle drums. He states that while flipping through past recordings, the song just fell right into place, like fate. That idea even conveys itself in the lyrics. Lyrically, Foust wrote about a unique concept, called “the red thread theory, which is the idea that all lovers are connected by an invisible red thread and will eventually cross paths.” Foust’s soft voice is also pleasing to the ear, making it even easier to play the track on repeat.

Foust believes one of the advantages of releasing music during the pandemic is that everybody spends even more time online than they used to, which there are more chances of people discovering So Zuppy’s music video for the track. With 3-D animation, Foust depicts these cute, simplistic-looking characters, which, to him “represent pure human spirits, free from our everyday physical form.  When you really fall in love, you fall for their spirit.  It's not about looks or status or anything shallow like that.  The two spirits are joyously dancing and holding hands in celebration of love.  […] When they are seen individually it is meant to be a flashback to show they were happy even before they met.”

As far as his upcoming EP, be prepared for something “Giddy, Starry-eyed, [and] Bright.” The EP will be a compilation of free-spirted love songs and about not being ashamed to express happiness or romantic feelings. Some advice from Foust: “Don't be afraid to say, ‘I love you.’  […]  I hope these songs make you think of someone dear to you!”

Connect with So Zuppy: YouTube | Bandcamp | Instagram

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