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Life On Planets returns to Studio 54 with "Everyday" [Premiere]

Phill Celeste of Life On Planets has been nonstop with releases the past couple of years, all the while spreading good vibes with his catalog. Having released on labels like Fool’s Gold, Wolf + Lamb, and Kitsuné, Celeste has proven his versatility and strength with a variety of styles. Depending on which track you pick, Life On Planets can fuse any combination of genres like R&B, soul, house, hip-hop, reggae, and pop. Even though each track may be classified differently from the next, they all still have a special quality that makes the music recognizable as Life On Planets. This latest release sees the producer and artist back on Studio 54 Music for a disco spirited single called “Everyday.”

True to both Life On Planets and Studio 54, “Everyday” brings Celeste’s carefree funky spirit to the former club turned label. There’s a chic nonchalant energy that Life On Planets embodies especially with this song. While still sounding futuristic, the track also sounds familiar with classic elements of house and techno. It's another masterful fusion of musical influences and genres that will attract a wide variety of listeners.

“Everyday” will also bring people together with its radiance and positivity. It’s the kind of song that makes you miss hanging out and dancing at a crowded party. However after watching the video, Life On Planets vouches for a party of one. The spacey animated music video by Arturo Beta and Maria Staffield shows Celeste having a great time dancing in whatever realm he’s entered. Look for “Everyday” along with a Studio 54 Music Love Mix featuring Choosy Lover, the new group compromised of Rey Joven (George Clinton/P-Funk), Ebony Houston, and Morgan Wiley (Midnight Magic/DFA Records). Both the original “Everyday” and remix are out now via Studio 54 Music.


Connect with Life On Planets: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Studio 54 Music: Spotify | SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram


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