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Colyer unveils his tender tune “Pet Names”

You know those cute pet names we give our partners, like "pooh bear" or "cutie pie"? Colyer longs for that lovable affection in “Pet Names”. Gracing us with his warm, melodic tone and gentle psych arrangements, the track melts in our ears like butter on a stack of pancakes. The soft indie rock artist has concocted a track that is the perfect smooth, listening pleasure. He admits, “This song wrote itself, basically visceral vomit. I had come out of a four-year relationship wanting to focus on myself. Still, cooped up in my tiny Hollywood apartment, I missed the intimacy and company of someone else. Anyone else.”

The talent draws inspiration from 60s soul and 90s shoegaze, creating a deeply captivating quality. A Midwest native, but now based in Los Angeles, he possesses a sound that is welcoming yet unique. A singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Colyer does it all. You can hear that dedication and inventiveness in this rich release. “Pet Names” is off his forthcoming album set to be released Fall 2021. Get lost in this sensual offering.

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Indie · Rock · Shoegaze


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