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Gabrielle Current releases soulful single “If I Fall”

We fell in love when LA-based artist Gabrielle Current dropped her single “Plenty” last year, singling her out for the warmth in her voice and her fusion of genres. Growing up as Filipino-Korean-Swedish and American, Current didn’t see many artists who looked like her. However, she hopes to be “a voice that inspires and shows that there is room for everyone in all genres/styles.” She’s starting to become that voice with the release of her new single “If I Fall.”

"If I Fall” starts off with starting off with a simple drum and irresistible bass, kicking into full gear with a funky guitar. It carries this way throughout the entire track, chill and lounge-like. Current’s feathery vocals add a soulful tone to the mix, creating an easy listen. Lyrically, “If I Fall’ reveals the thought process after a breakup. She said, “With this song, I wanted to capture how loss gave me a new understanding of myself as well as the habits and patterns we choose.”

Current’s debut EP Virgo will also be live on May 27th, with an expectation of a compilation of R&B sounds, heartfelt lyrics, and chill vibes.

Connect with Gabrielle Current: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 



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