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Chima Anya and SoulChef are "Kings" [Video]

London, UK emcee Chima Anya and New Zealand based producer SoulChef are prepping to release their forthcoming collaborative project. In the interim share their new single "Kings" and its accompanying visuals. As the title suggests, the record is an uplifting piece that aims to encourage and spark the inner fire within the listener pushing them to go forth and be the best versions of themselves. SoulChef is the sound architect on this track and crafts an anthemic backdrop ripe with cinematic horns, stabs, and punchy drums to bolster Anya's motivational and poignant lyrics that implores listeners to strive for greatness.

For the video, Anya strays from the usual and decides to focus on the everyday people who do extraordinary things with their natural talents. From athletes, scientists, counselors, janitors to bus drivers, the idea is to shine a light on the men and women whose contributions to society as a whole can't be denied. I love how he doesn't try to make it about himself but rather everyone else and I'm sure viewers would agree that this visual concept is both lifting and endearing. "Kings" is taken from Chima Anya and SoulChef's LP Modern Fairytale.

As a producer and doctor, Dr. Chima Anya is practicing his profession and has spoken at various international medical conferences while also rocking stages with luminaries such as Jay Electronica, KRS-One, Dead Prez, and more. SoulChef has been chopping up beats since 20210 and also works as a sound engineer.

Stream and download "Kings" on all DSPs here.

Connect with Chima Anya:  Twitter| Website| Instagram

Connect with SoulChef:  Website| Instagram

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