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Krsnafari share the genre-defying musical experience "The Last Of Us"

London-based collective Krsnafari share their debut EP The Last of Us. Released for Earth Day, the collective push positivity and transformation through the medium of art - something that aims to inform and inpsire. 

Blending hip-hop, house, drill, R&B and reggae, the collective's musicality is impressive. With it's lyrical flows layered upon exquistely produced melodies, the EP continues the collective's mission to spread a healing message of positivity through their music. On "PTSD", the band showcase smooth R&B grooves, whilst EP title track "The Last of Us" weaves deep reggae rhythms within its tapestry of sand. Yet, it's the final track "Weather The Storm" that is the highlight. First offering rap vocals spoken over a lullaby-sounding motif, the track is a soothing close to an EP that offers so much in such a short amount of time.

“The Last of us EP is calling to all those that want to make a difference," explain the collective. "The world is changing very rapidly and to accommodate for this new age we have to be prepared. Music is a powerful tool to reach people's hearts and it can heal the wounds that medicine cannot. We hope that this EP will be able to show people that we can’t sit back and let our inner demons win, we have the power to be the best we can be. Purity is the force.”

The EP as a whole is a gorgeous collection of sonics. Genre-bending and blurring, the five tracks each hold their own narratives, encouraging us all to appreciate the world around us. Including ancient, spiritual mantras into their lyrics, Krsnafari have curated something that is truly special for the mind, body and soul.

Connect with Krsnafari:  Spotify  |  Instagram  |  Twitter

Rap · Reggae · Soul


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