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Weston Estate returns with powerful new ballad, "Pears"

The five-member boy band Weston Estate looks to continue their hot streak with new single, “Pears”. The North Carolina-based group has been maturing their sound over the past year, branching out from their original bedroom pop style to a more alternative and diverse sound. “Pears” is a powerful track, filled with raw emotion and vulnerability.

Sonically, “Pears” feels like an eerie yet sunny spring day, with a shimmery guitar loop and dreamy vocals. The guitar lick carries the weight in the track, but the clashing bells and drums create an immersive and almost disorienting sound. The production perfectly couples the lyrics, which delve into uncertainty, solitude, and facing one’s inner demons. The release of the track was accompanied by a glitched-out visualizer, edited by the group’s own Marco Luka. The visuals are trippy and perplexing, which perfectly pair with the feel of the track.

“Pears” may be the group’s most introspective and heavy release to date. The track is a testament to Weston Estate’s growth and development. With two great offerings in the past few months, the group is gaining momentum like no one else in the industry. The boy band is poised to takeover.

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