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EVABEE burns some sage and talks her talk, in video for summer anthem "T&T"

2020 wasn't a good year for most of us. People lost loved ones, livelihoods and more. In the middle of the pandemic, the arts community in the UK called out for support. Their cries were met with a simple retort from the government; 'just retrain into a different sector'. The music world, most of whom had dedicated their whole lives to their craft, hit back. Being told that you should just move out of something you've poured your heart into is catastrophically heartbreaking. However, some artists took this as a sign to work even harder. It ignited a fire inside to prove them all wrong. One such artist is the genre-bending EVABEE, who channeled her anger into her music.

Her latest single "T&T" is a testament to this. Having worked with some of the UK's biggest and best artists, Eva certainly knows her way around an instrumental. This time around she's delivering a slice of soul that'll have you in a zone. She has passion in abundance, as her voice is soothing yet powerful. In addition to her incredible voice, she's lyrically astute. This joint was born out of anger—reactive feelings at the way the government treated Musicians in the pandemic. "See the tyrants and thieves, tryna take what they see" she passionately declares. Eva certainly isn't holding back when it comes to important issues. Before telling us exactly who's best to make decisions about the music industry. "They know that it's special, they can't nurture these seeds, the same way we can, we've been blessed from above".

The message here is clear; Music and Art matters. Even more so when times are tough. 

Connect with EVABEE: Twitter | Instagram | Stream/Buy "T&T"



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