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Powfu & KNOWN. share tranquil visual for "Survivor" [Video]

Powfu and KNOWN. have shared a tranquil new video for their song "Survivor". This nostalgic song and visual provide a soundtrack for reflective, reminiscent moods.

Powfu and KNOWN. are musicians from Mission, Canada, whose diverse styles range from hazy psychedelic indie pop to lyrical hip-hop to smooth R&B. The two of them combine ambient, smoky elements with evocative personal lyrics to craft unique sounds. Their shared daringness to be themselves combined with sharp songwriting has earned them both rapidly growing fanbases. Both artists have been experiencing steep progressions in popularity, with Powfu scoring a Billboard Hot 100 hit with his song "Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head)" in 2020, and KNOWN. netting millions of streams on his 2020 album Paradise Park

Now, the two artists have shared a new collaboration entitled "Survivor", a sentimental track about perseverance and living your best life. The two singers croon over top of bittersweet guitars and spacey background vocals, as groovy bass keeps the track at a brisk pace. Moreover, the percussion is bouncy yet organic, keeping the song buoyant and providing a pocket for the singers to engage with. All in all, "Survivor" is a reflective yet playful cut that is both fun-loving and nostalgic.

The video, shot by KNOWN., Powfu, Cavasoul and hosey, is easy-going and tranquil. It features the artists exploring their hometown, and it has a very casual nature to it. The combination of the fun-loving mood of the video with the sentimental song is engaging and keeps one interested throughout. Furthermore, the picturesque scenery shown in the video is eye catching and beautiful.

Overall, "Survivor" is a reflective, reminiscent offering from Powfu and KNOWN., that still remains fun and laid back. The nostalgic warmth of the song combined with the peaceful visual create a truly comforting mood, and makes one want to revisit this release again and again.

Connect with Powfu: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Connect with KNOWN.: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter


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