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TALIA waits by the phone in her “HML” music video

Last year, we fell in love with Carribean-American artist, TALIA, when she released her single “colder.” In that track, we praised her for smoothly blending her past in orchestral music with the dreampop world. Now, she reflects that intermixing of the past and present even more in her new music video for her single “HML.”

The track by itself is already a masterpiece. Singing about the excitement of a new crush, TALIA focuses more on a chill R&B production, put together by a languid guitar, velvety bass, and smooth percussion. There’s also no one who shares her vocals. Not only is her style different, but one can hear the confidence and sincerity she emits.

The music video perfectly illustrates how the song feels – soft, yet igniting with neon lights, periwinkle and rose sunsets, and telephone switchboards. And with TALIA driving a vintage convertible through the hills, it’s impossible not to feel a sense of warmth. Her vintage-looking silk scarf and gloves gently bring out her bright red hair.

TALIA said more about the video, saying, "The music video follows me trying to get in contact with this crush. The phone call transports me to a dreamlike dance sequence in the mountains where I am accompanied by the phone operators you see in the beginning of the video. Words that come to mind when describing the visuals and storytelling are: dreamy, nostalgic, cinematic."

Listen to TALIA’s single “HML” and connect with her here: Spotify | Instagram

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