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B00sted takes us to the "Eastside"

Vancouver, Canada rapper, singer, and producer B00sted has shared a new smooth, summery single entitled "Eastside".

Over the past 2 years, Boosted has dropped a string of consistent releases, with songs ranging from lyrical hip-hop to smooth R&B. Overall, his versatile style has captured the ears of a wide audience, with his catchy single "Back" netting over 2 million views.

In his latest single, fluttering guitars make up the heart of the beat, underscored by booming 808s and pounding drums. Layers of swirling vocal samples are added as well, giving the song more depth. B00sted comes through with some energetic verses and a memorable chorus. Furthermore, the production is slick and clean, adding to the smooth sound of the track.

Overall, "Eastside" is an upbeat, positive offering from B00sted. This song would make a great summer anthem, as a soundtrack for warm days and long nights. It is likely that B00sted's success will continue, and one certainly look forward to what he has in store.

Connect with B00sted: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

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