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Overcoats will get you through "The Hardest Part" [Video]

Overcoats are back with a new single, "The Hardest Part," with Tennis, presenting a more low-key, grungier sound that carries through the song and sets the stage for their upcoming EP. 

Overcoats previously were known for their shimmering, bright melodies, and their toned-down, sultrier sound embodies their growth and current state of mind. "The Hardest Part," which features Alaina Moore of Tennis's dreamy voice, feels so hypnotic and dream-like, but the underlying theme is all about forgiving yourself and eventually moving on. We're not the same person we used to be. 

It's about acceptance. The juxtaposition of the steady trancelike guitars with the heavier lyrics is soothing and unexpected. It takes you on a journey from start to finish. You really feel that healing nature, even though it's tough to get there. Overcoats explain in a recent press release, "The hard reality that you may never know where that person ends up or what they do. It's about letting go." 

The accompanying visual, directed by Asha Maura, provides the perfect story for the track. We see a couple getting ready to go out, the endless decisions of what to wear and how to look. The building anxiety and budding feelings are all present without any actual interaction between the two. 

Maura says, "We wanted to emulate a feeling that most have had and so many are missing right now, even the idea of meeting a stranger and getting close to them immediately feels so distant right now." The following videos will even follow the couple on their date, adding to the plot. 

In 2020 Overcoats released their sophomore album The Fight. The record speaks to those anxious feelings and the chaos surrounding us. At its core, it was about getting through such a difficult time. Their upcoming EP Used To Be Scared Of The Dark is set to arrive on June 4th. 

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