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Gatlin delivers new alt-pop single "What If I Love You" via Joshua Tree landscape [Video]

Singer-songwriter Gatlin knows her way around a pop song. Credit her choir-singing upbringing or her pivot from college to full-time songwriting among Nashville’s overflowing influences, or something else entirely - her sweeping vocal range and intimate songcrafting capabilities speak for themselves. Her latest single “What If I Love You” is a prime example. 

In 2020 Gatlin released her debut EP Sugarcoated. Six tracks introduce us to an artist whose breezy vocal quality and lyrics on navigating heartbreak tie the ribbon on stellar alt-pop tracks. Now, freshly based in Los Angeles with “What If I Love You”, she promises to deliver the same style in this new era of her career. Accompanying the single is a sepia-toned music video rife with desert oasis aesthetic. Inspired by her long road trips on her Harley, Gatlin has a smile on her face as the song’s heartbeat rhythm never wavers from verse to chorus. Filmed in Joshua Tree, the single finds a visual home in those barren landscapes, the cozy tin trailer, and the hazy highways.

Taking a spin through any track in Gatlin’s discography is welcoming the lightweight escape into toned-down pop. With her first EP under her belt and a clear understanding of when to let her voice soar and when to let the production shine, it’s easy to get excited for Gatlin's sophomore EP, out this summer.

Photo Credit: Hannah Hall 

Connect with Gatlin: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify 

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