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Riovaz delivers dreamy and viral single, "Prom Night"

New Jersey's Riovaz is making waves in the industry and everyone’s TikTok "for you" page right now. The 17-year old sound fuses together indie and bedroom pop, making him a great fit for your late-night playlist. His track, “Prom Night”, was released last May, but is garnering great success thanks to TikTok. It’s about time.

“Prom Night” is a melancholy yet upbeat tune, with a wispy and dreamlike feel to it. The track is carried by an echoey guitar lick and some punchy old-school drums. Immediately, the track has a bounce, with a feeling of nostalgia. Lyrically, Riovaz takes a more vulnerable and emotional approach. His raspy vocals touch on his broken heart and feeling lost. Halfway through the track, the music strips back as we hear chatter and commotion, potentially alluding to the track’s title, “Prom Night”. The commotion is cut short by an alarm clock, which could symbolize the artist or listener waking up from their dreams about that night. After the alarm, the chorus is back in full force.

“Prom Night” is an infectious tune, ready to be listened to during a late-night car ride on full volume. The delayed success of the track exemplifies that good music finds a way out. For Riovaz, the future is bright. The young artist shows he’s got what it takes to end up on everyone’s playlist.

Connect with Riovaz: Instagram | Twitter | Spotify

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