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"Good Love" is a fun and lively romp for rising Colorado rapper Willy P [Video]

Some songs are just plain groovy.  There's not much else to say about Willy P's infectious earworm "Good Love" other than the similarly groovy and danceable visual treatment released today.  WARNING: Do not watch this video unless you plan on having the song stuck in your head indefinitely.  Seriously.  It's that catchy.

The Cleveland-raised but Boulder, Colorado-based artist is still a newcomer to the hip-hop scene but has rapidly assembled a discography of easily accessible, head nod-inducing bops.  "Good Love" is no exception, with a groovy bassline and an eminently catchy chorus about complete infatuation.  With the release of his most recent album Moon Child in February, the artist already has 8 completed projects to his credit.  It's an even more incredible accomplishment given the vast majority of his music is completely self-mixed and self-mastered.  Juggling time to build a lengthy discography from the ground up while also attending college full-time is just another accolade to add to the young Midwest rapper.  

The Colorado lyricist started making music out of his freshman dorm at UC Boulder several years ago while he was exploring his affinity for environmental science.  Music is something like a second love for Willy P as he plans to continue his educational career at the University of Denver to complete a Masters in Environmental Sustainability.  Using music to help spread his message of environmental awareness and helping others, Willy P wants to show his growth as an artist and his staying power as a happy-go-lucky yet progressive voice for the people.  Sometimes the world just needs good music with no frills that doesn't insist upon itself, and that is exactly what "Good Love" delivers.  

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