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WYNNE speaks of the pain of isolation in the haunting “Midnight”

Grammy nominated, platinum-selling songwriter WYNNE has just unveiled his new single “Midnight.” Shining light on the crippling feeling of isolation and yearning for a little company, WYNNE (a.k.a Rory Andrew) penned the song after the effects of the pandemic left him feeling blue. The haunting new song showcases Andrew’s stunning velvet vocal tone, echoing instrumentation and a warming, raw acoustic guitar. “Midnight” continues to build, with layers of beautiful string arrangements creating an overwhelming, sincere atmosphere. The songwriter and producer shares, "It's about coming to terms with a sense of loneliness and isolation at a time when we all desperately crave connection."

“Midnight” is the first single to be released off of his upcoming EP, Both Sides. Known for his work with artists such as Machine Gun Kelly, Lennon Stella, Jaden Smith and ODESZA, it seems whatever Andrew puts his hands on turns to gold. His hypnotic sound is truly captivating, engulfing listeners in his sweet soundscapes and drowning us in his glistening nectar. Blessing us with a relatable song, the songwriter gives us a shoulder to learn on and a place of solace when times get tough.

Stay tuned for his upcoming EP - you’ll be hearing a lot more from WYNNE.

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