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Fih shares new sensual single "Sit Back"

Singer-songwriter Fih opens up the sensual floodgates on her new release aptly titled "Sit Back." The song is the follow-up to her previous release  "Recipe" which came out some months earlier. Fih is in full sensual mode as she breaks free from restrictions and puts aside her inhibitions on this tune. Armed with laidback charming vocals, she effortlessly engulfs the soothing production with a plethora of vivid descriptions of a one on one session with her flame. Her approach is quite concise too as she strays from any actual cursing and opts for more poetic subtlety in her lyrical construct.

The track boasts a mix of classic R&B/soul vibe with its warm keys, booming basslines, and thick drums to match. A solid fusion of the '90s with contemporary elements is always a sure shot but credit to the producer for crafting such a splendid backdrop for Fih to fully express and embody her sensuality to the maximum.

Get "Sit Back" on Apple Music//Deezer

Connect with Fih: Soundcloud | Website | Instagram

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Alternative R&B · Indie · Pop


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