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TWINKIDS release single “I Know” along with album announcement

Tokyo-born singer-songwriter Jin Fukui and Floridian pianist-producer Matthew Young met at Oberlin College and Conservatory in Ohio. Once the two discovered a mutual interest in electronic music, they were inseparable. Already writing, producing, and performing music, they went on to study at the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity in Canada. It was all the beginnings of the queer-pop duo TWINKIDS.

Today, TWINKIDS shares their new single “I Know.” The duo channels hardships in love into a pop hit with musing and swirling synths and Jin’s serene vocals. Those aspects combined with the yearning lyrics all give the song a melodramatic 80s-infused pop vibe.

TWINKIDS discussed the track in greater detail, stating, “We imagined the song as coming to terms with the fact your relationship just isn’t working anymore. You’ve both grown up, and things are different. The common tragedy of being deeply incompatible with a partner you already love. In the verses, it’s the things you say to your lover, and maybe to yourself too: I can change, I’ll do better, I’ll be better. And then the chorus of realizing the other shoe has already dropped, knowing it’s already over, soberly, if you really ask yourself.”

They’ve also given word about their debut album Nobody Likes Me via Om Records. Out on April 23rd, it will look at similar themes of relationships with others, but focusing primarily on the relationship with one’s self, all the good and the bad. It should make for an interest

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