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Temporex gets nostalgic in new video for “Delayed”

There’s the strong chance that you’ve heard 20-year-old San Diego musician Joseph Flores' breakout bright lullaby track, “Nice Boys,” on Instagram edits and TikTok videos. Under the stage name Temporex, the track and his 2017 debut mini-album Care put him on the radar of the new era alt-pop and electronic music scene.As his 2020 tour with mxmtoon was ultimately cancelled due to COVID-19, he used the time to pick up writing again, releasing his first track in two years, "Delayed." 

An exploration of the different sides of long-distance relationships, "Delayed" utilizes funky and springy R&B drums as the backbone of the track, which is then perfected with layered background vocals and bumping synth. He even enlists Paul Cherry for a flawless guitar solo, all of it coming together to create a soundscape of a lush, orange and pink sunset.

Temporex’s new album Bowling will be coming out this summer, where he hopes the world is in a better state so he can share his new songs on tour. For now, though, he elaborated on what to expect from this album, stating, "Production wise, the album as a whole explores the world of computer music and all the possibilities that are presented when you choose virtual instruments." It sounds like an interesting and unique concept, one everyone should be intrigued to hear.

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