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Tai Verdes shines in new music video and single "we would have some cute kids"

Rising Los Angeles-based artist Tai Verdes has been on a hot streak. After his breakthrough hit “Stuck In The Middle”, Verdes has not taken his foot off the gas. This great run has allowed Verdes to garner a genuine fanbase - a fanbase Verdes is feeding with great music. “We would have some cute kids” is no exception. The track is a feel-good tune, perfect for a summer day car ride. The accompanying music video captures this vibe perfectly.

“We would have some cute kids” is filled with catchy lyrics, relatable lines, and upbeat production. Lyrically, Verdes explains his love at first sight moment. As he dreams of his life with this catch, he lets his mind wander, exploring how successful, fun, and cute their kids would be. The production is initially carried by a sweet strumming guitar, which sets the feel-good vibe perfectly. As the production crescendos, with claps and more instrumentation, the track only gets better.

The music video for the track, directed by Logan Fields, goes hand and hand with the track. It begins with Tai falling for a girl at first sight. He’s clearly caught in a daze. Next, it’s Verdes living out his lyrics, with his picture-perfect, American dream family. His kids splash and play, jump on the trampoline, and the family even goes on a road trip together. Visually, Fields captures the vibe perfectly, with a soft tint that gives of a utopic summer feeling.

Verdes can’t seem to miss. His new track is fresh, relatable, and shows off Verdes’s charismatic voice and personality. The video is a great addition and helps bring the song to life. As Verdes gears up for the release of his debut album coming later this year, “we would have some cute kids” will definitely keep his fan base growing and occupied. 

Listen on Spotify.

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