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Pat Lagoon continues his run on new single "Put It Away"

Pat Lagoon maintains his active streak of singles post the release of his debut EP with his brand new track, "Put It Away". 

One the most active artists on the urban scene in Ireland, Waterford's Pat Lagoon has grown into a leading role in the bubbling hip-hop scene. He has been establishing a moody, trap signature sound with elements from other satellite genres on singles such as "Let Loose", "Prada" and most recently "Habits". After his EP Box Room dropped last year, Pat looked to continue to ride off that momentum. Two singles later and here we are and spoiler alert... he's done it again. 

"Put It Away" see's the Waterford musician delve more into his melody based bag. Pat linked up with My Fault on the production and you can already see the potential this pair possess. The track is built around an acoustic guitar loop that is surrounded with wavy trap drums that allow Pat to really experiment and play with flows and cadences. "The Goon" effortlessly switches between rapping and singing on this one, with neither part feeling out of place or forced. The chorus is minimal in nature but it is also exactly what it needs to be. The goal of every track is to keep the listener rewinding and revisiting long after the initial rush of recently released hype. This track passes that test with flying colours. 

Pat Lagoon is proving to be one of the most consistent artists this country has seen in a very long time. Building and growing his catalogue in tandem with his reach and fanbase, it is only a matter time before Waterfords "Goon" goes global. 

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