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Irish rising star Monjola is back and he's making us "Smile"

Monjola has been manifesting greatness from the word go when it comes to his music career and his new single "Smile" is further proof of the dominance we should be preparing for. 

After only a handful of guest spots with the likes of Tebi Rex and Cbakl, Monjola burst onto the Irish scene in a big way with his debut single "Know You". Following this up with another groovy, feel-good single "Feels Right" before 2020 came to a close, we were very excited to see what was next from the Chamomile Records founder. 

Linking up once again with his brother Moyo on the production for this new record,  "Smile" see's Monjola continue to show us the brightest spots of his talents. Funky baselines, live drums and impeccably pinpoint flows cover these verses in colour and beauty. The introduction of melodics to the flows on offer as the record progresses is proof of Monjola's songwriting and ability to masterfully structure sticky, radio singles. This is epitomised in the extremely catchy chorus that explodes to life with live guitars and backing vocals that crash through the walls built up by the static feeling of the verses. You feel your soul brighten and your limbs move as Monjola glides so effortlessly across the fantastic chorus instrumentation. Add in a beautiful outro for good measure and you have just under three minutes of non-stop fun. 

"Smile" is as much a statement piece as it is a feel good anthem. Monjola is planting the Chamomile Records flag firmly atop the Irish music mountain and is daring anyone to come take the spot. This consistent growth from single to single hasn't been seen from a new act in some time and for Ireland, this is a small look at the huge future of RnB music coming off this island. Keep your eyes out for Monjola as 2021 rolls on. 

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Alternative R&B · Pop


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