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Nia Wyn unveils the incredible new EP "Take A Seat"

London-based, Welsh artist Nia Wyn shares her eight-track EP Take A Seat. Previously releasing smaller EPs, this is her first bigger body of work that highlighting a new found maturity with these new tracks. Wyn's ability to draw on her own experiences and make them universal is a talent within itself, but these eight tracks are able to hold their own, both independently and as a collective.


Opening with the happy-go-lucky soul tune "Come Home To You", the EP begins with a flourish. Wrapped in funk inflections and a melody that makes you want to side-step, the track is a taster of Wyn's incredible songwriting.  Followed by the Aaron London featuring track "Imma Be Honest", Wyn explores the conflicting feelings of abandonment. Emotive throughout, the track draws on R&B melody lines to create a tune that wraps itself in soothing traits. It's also the older sister to the later R&B inspired track "Don't Rely On Me".

'Take A Seat’ is a play on what receptionists of course say at mental health services when you have to sit in a waiting room, waiting to express yourself and try to connect with yourself," Wyn tells us. "But it’s also a statement asking the listener to sit down and be introduced to me, my music and what I have to say. And that this is just the start.”

While the lockd0wn-written track "Such A Shame" talks about issues we're all currently living through like Brexit and millennials being the scapegoat for older generations' problems, the previous single "Muzzle" sees Wyn joined by London rapper R.A.E to address the fears of over-sharing your feelings. It's this collaboration that remains to be the highlight track of Wyn's musical output so far and one of the EPs finest moments.

Most notably, "Who Asked You" - an addition to the FIFA 21 soundtrack - is a slow grooved track that showcases Wyn's vocals perfectly. The track offers a feelgood element with it's rising melodies and is rooted in self-empowerment. On "Getting High", featured MC Deyah elevates the track with her laidback vocals layering upon the soothing, bespoke sax additions. Yet, the EP closer holds most intimate moment with Wyn's first self-produced track "Freckles / Argyll Road". It's a calming ending to an EP that showcases Wyn's work and continued growth.

A reflective piece of bliss, Take A Seat is a instructive class on how to perfect neo-soul today. While Wyn's musical trajectory continues to soar, her artisty is catapulting itself into the frontrunners of UK rising stars. And one question we're still asking, why isn't Nia Wyn a household name yet?

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