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BEKA's new single "My One" is all about self expression

BEKA follows up her debut release "I’ll Be There" with a brand new energetic single "My One" that showcases her growth as a rising pop star. After her numerous collaborations with the production duo HONNE, BEKA has slowly carved her musical path away from the norm. "My One" is an uplifting track dedicated to growth, love, and self-liberation amidst the madness all around us.

Her angelic vocals shine bright over the crisp, synth-driven upbeat production provided by her longtime collaborators HONNE and drive home the theme of the song. "My One" is well crafted and starts off slow and gradually builds into a frenzied but joyous outpour of an unbridled declaration of love. It's very obvious BEKA is having fun with this song and the way she delivers her lines in low tones and energetic falsettos adds a nice touch to the playful vibe. She further adds via email that the record is all about self-expression sans restrictions. The type of expression you make with close friends or when no one is looking at you. The most perfect expression of being true to oneself.

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Ambient R&B · Electronic · Pop


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