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One With Shade’s new single “Backwards” takes you to a new reality

Dark and eerie in the best kind of way, One With Shade unleashes his magnetizing new single "Backwards." Through the evocative vocals and intense airy soundscapes, "Backwards" tells the story of a battle with social anxiety and overcoming that longtime struggle. The song also details getting lost in a fantasy where you are trapped between two places.

One With Shade is a concept story that explores the escape to a fictional world called The North. The North is an icy queendom where everyone is putting on facades. One With Sahde ponders the reason behind those masks. Joey Weinberg, the brainchild behind One With Shade, reveals in a statement, “Sometimes it can get overwhelming, I feel like I’m going backwards. Straddling between two worlds: My current reality and The North.” 

Weinberg is an indie-electro singer-songwriter and producer emitting a deep, moody sound with his uniquely haunting offerings. Taking inspiration from a myriad of genres like synth-pop, electronic and alt-rock, his emotive sound takes listeners on a spine-chilling journey. All his life he has worked to manage hardships such as Tourette syndrome, ADD, a stutter, and social anxiety. Music and writing are a huge outlet for Weinberg and you can feel that cathartic release within “Backwards”.

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