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The Slice, Episode 77 [Hip-Hop + R&B]

It's Women's History Month and you can bet that we are not exempt from celebrating the talented women in this industry driving music forward. In this edition of The Slice, we dedicate a large portion of it to the brilliant female artists lighting up the airwaves.

We start off with Aroe Phoenix who looks within on her single "See Yourself" and implores listeners to find themselves by drowning out the external noise. Rapper Natal1e's "Dov' è l'amore" is a fiery track that aims to break free from the norm. The title which translates to "Where is the love?" in English is about overcoming inner fears and doubts. Belgian singer EMY dazzles with her sultry melodic runs on "Inconvenient" while the UK-based Nigerian rap duo DEELA and Tblu show us why they are "FIT" for the summer. The duo sounds carefree and seems to be having fun over the sparse but bass-heavy trap backdrop. NDO teams up with producers Nu$e and Rugawd for this soothing and nostalgia-inducing R&B track "Somethin'."

Our first male entry comes in the form of "Ten For Ten" by James Gardin who recruits the vocal assistance of Melissa Carter for a feel-good track. The duo show undeniable chemistry as Carter's soft angelic harmonies compliments Gardin's melodic flow. This is followed by "Troglodyte Jazz" by UK's Otis Mensah who blends jazz, spoken word poetry, and vivid lyricism in this memorizing cut.

Emerging Canadian singer Charlie Houston's "Things" is an unadulterated look at youthful insecurities and unrequited affection. Over a somber but punchy backdrop, she delivers an evocative performance that is ripe with honesty. "Sticky Icky" is a West Coast funk-infused R&B jam by Alex Dicconson and JXCKY who deliver the goods with lush synths, head-nodding grooves, and a relatable premise of falling deeply in love with someone special.

St. Louis-based act Concept implores listeners to "Stay Committed" on this velvety smooth single while NY emcee MoneySign Hines delivers gritty street tales on "Deja Vu" over a brooding horn-driven production.

Australian trio daste team up with fellow Gold Coast artist Dvna on "here with me" a lofi/soul track that showcases a laid-back mix of melodic styles and gripping sensuality. The record is taken from their forthcoming dusk/dawn LP. We go back to the ladies with Justine Tyrell's hypnotic and sultry vocals on "My Name", which is quickly followed by YaSi's heartfelt ballad "guilty." Emerging singer ALDRA's"Quicksilver" is powerful and focuses on her commanding vocal performance backed by a stripped-down production. This is her first single off her debut LP and it's really dope. Singer X'torm and her squad Urs Trly look forward to the future with "2021" in an uplifting track about achieving and getting things done.

We close out this week's episode with "Sometimes I Feel That Way" a collaboration between Sydney bedroom producer, Did Miro and Colombian-born, Melbourne-based soul artist ALETHIA. The chilled track has a seamless mix of lofi and neo-soul sensibilities and closes out the playlist with relaxing and ethereal vibes.

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For a full tracklist of this week's featured artists:

Aroe Phoenix - "See Yourself"
Natal1e - "Dov' è l'amore"
EMY - "Inconvenient"
DEELA - "FIT" (feat. Tblu)
NDO x Nu$e, Rugawd - "Somethin'"
James Gardin x Melissa Carter - "Ten For Ten"
Otis Mensah - "Troglodyte Jazz"
Charlie Houston - "Things"
Alex Dicconson x JXCKY - "Sticky Icky"
Concept - "Stay Committed"
MoneySign Hines - "Deja Vu"
daste. - "here with me" (feat. Dvna)
Justine Tyrell - "My Name"
YaSi - "guilty"
ALDRA - "Quicksilver"
X'torm x Urs Trly - "2021"
Did Miro - "Sometimes I Feel That Way" feat. ALETHIA

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