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Donalee is ready for whoever on "Don't Play"

We got something fresh from emerging Jamaican-born, South London-raised singer and rapper Donalee in the form of her new single "Don't Play." The genre-fluid singer who released her first official single "Can’t Help It" in 2019 has gone on to work with acts like ​Leo Bhanji​ on the track "Heart of Gold" and is now focused on her forthcoming debut EP. "Don't Play" is an aptly titled song as Donalee's versatile style comes to the forefront over the bass-heavy trap production courtesy of Mark Akol.

Donalee sends a plethora of warning shots to naysayers and detractors as the unapologetic lyricism switches back and forth between English and patois. In the same breath, she delivers melody-driven rap verses allowing her love for R&B and hip-hop gets to shine brightly through. "Don’t Play’" sets the tone for her forthcoming ​Cerebrum EP where listeners can expect to gain a deeper understanding of what really makes Donalee tick.

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Hip-Hop · Rap · Trap


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