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Crooked Colours reveal they’re getting “No Sleep” [Premiere]

Australian electronic dance group Crooked Colours is the soundtrack for a good time. Their danceable, catchy, and fuelling tracks have allowed them to gain millions of fans all over the world. Today, they’re making a comeback with the release of their new single “No Sleep.”

The band was on a break for a while, releasing just a couple of songs within a year and a half. However, the release of this new track is just the beginning for more to come. While they are excited to be making music, they also reveal the fears of doing so during this pandemic. With clubs and dancefloors closed, it’s not as easy to learn how fans are responding. However, they do think there’s “the small advantage is everyone has a little more time to sit and listen to music.” 

“No Sleep” was in-production for almost a year with the instrumental already made since their last tour. They eventually came back to it, tweaking the sound and adding lyrics. The layered vocals have a dark pop vibe with the intermixing of singing and whispers. The dancey production is due to the strong backbeat and brassy, atmospheric synths. There’s also that on-edge feeling created by the footstep-sounding cowbell.

Everyone in the trio has their different tastes in music, and they say that sometimes the demos might sound a strange. However, it benefits and adds to their unique sound.  "We like to tailor the songs to how they would translate live. You give it the bop test in the studio to see if its danceable or not, if yes, it gets the tick!"

Crooked Colours is ready to hit the road again “like a firm bike tyre,” touring in Australia. It’s not a world tour like they would hope, but they’re no doubt thrilled to play live shows again. They said, “I think we needed a little break last year and we got that, now absolutely fizzing to get back and play around Aus and show everyone what we have been working on.”

When asked to describe their new music in just three words, they described it as “heaps good ay” or “curated tasty treats.” Those words explain it all, but still leave a little mystery. However, based on how amazing “No Sleep” sounds, I think we can all take their word for it. Crooked Colours never disappoint.

Connect with the band: Website | Spotify | Facebook | Instagram

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