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Emilio Rojas releases blazing track "Apologize" [Video]

Emilio Rojas has released a fiery new music video for his latest hip-hop single visual "Apologize."

Emilio Rojas has created an extensive catalog of music over the years ranging from freestyle mixtapes to heavy-hitting bangers. Having a music career for almost two decades, it is evident that Rojas' passion for music runs deep. In November 2020, he announced the launch of his own label and has been fully churning out back-to-back singles ever since. 
"Apologize" is a celebration of Rojas' impeccable flow. The catchy and snappy sounds shrewdly create an atmosphere of satire through sarcastic lyricism. The accompanying visual powerfully exudes confidence as he securely stands on his own two feet.  Press play if you want to brilliantly dismiss entitled people who expect an apology from you when you didn't even do anything wrong except follow your dreams. 
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