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Northern Ireland's Conchúr White releases thoughtful 'Vocation Vacation'

Hailing from Northern Ireland, Conchúr White experienced his first dose of success in the music industry with his previous Irish band Silences. Following the group's split in 2019, White began working on solo projects, allowing him to fully realize his creative vision. In 2020, White released his debut EP with Bikini Crops, a 4 song project with indie pop ballads detailing the complicated feelings that come with relationships and love. Now, White is taking his music in an entirely new direction with the release of his new single "Vocation Vacation" and announcement of upcoming EP, Dreamers

In contrast to the modern indie-pop theme of Bikini Crops, "Vocation Vacation" features a much more vintage, reflective sound. Over a backdrop of airy organs combined with rich bass lines and vibrant percussion, White satirizes the conceited influencer culture that's flooded social media — "The world's at its knees, but I've got a plan / I'm gonna post Orwell over Instagram / And my baby with her 90s euro Guevara shirt / She's gonna make sure that my angles work." 

White's vivid vocals blend elegantly with the enigmatic, theatrical instrumental, creating a sonic style reminiscent of artists like Father John Misty and Lana Del Rey. Further, his musical storytelling and criticism causes listeners to question their own motives and purpose. 

Addressing the track's meaning, White explained "'Vocation Vacation' is many thoughts and feelings thrown together. It’s part commentary of influencer culture and the disingenuous image we present. It’s also about getting older and feeling insecure about who you are and what you have to offer. There’s a degree of nihilism in the title – ‘Vocation Vacation’ – like life can be summed up into two things – being in work and not being in work. I just hope people can laugh and relate to some of the observations."

Check out the lyric video for "Vocation Vacation" above or click here to listen to the track on streaming services. Also be on the lookout for White's second EP Dreamers releasing summer 2021. 

Connect with Conchúr White: Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Spotify

Alt-Pop · Folk · Indie · Pop · Rock


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