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Uwmami recruits Sushee for new track "Plateau"

Uwmami continues to prove why she is one of the most consistent forces in the Irish music scene today with her new single "Plateau" featuring Sushee

Producer and vocalist Uwmami has been extremely active since her emergence onto the scene in Ireland in 2018. Her constant barrage of collaborations led to the completion of her Uwmami Presents: Summer Series project in 2019. Littering 2020 with a plethora of fantastic singles on top of this, such as "Calisto" with Henna Redmond and "Goldfish" with Awesimon. to name a few. Uwmami has continued this run into 2021 with her collaboration with Sushee titled "Plateau." 

This track is an eerie yet beautiful listen. The synths provide a sense of movement to the record with a perfect undertone of pads and keys to soften the experience. Sushee gives a heartfelt performance as her vocals are twisted and warped adding deeper layers of transitions and layers to her lyrics. This track really moves along nicely and without any typical song structure or chorus, it's all the more impressive.  This track is emotion distilled into a series of ebbs and flows with Uwmami framing the perfect backdrop for the picture Sushee is taking in her lyrical content. 

Uwmami has been flying under most people's radar as of right now. However, this is a star waiting to emerge. It is hard to possess this much sheer talent and ability to go unnoticed. It won't be long before we are all aboard the Uwmami hype train and if I were you, I would jump on now for a front-row seat. 

Connect With Uwmami: Twitter | Instagram 

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