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Alex Zarbo brings back the good old days with the remastered version of "Save Your Money"

We head back to the '80s on this one as we explore "Save Your Money" by the Canadian rock band Zarbo. Formed and spearheaded by bassist/singer Alex Zarbo with Derek Sharp (rock guitarist and singer) and Greg Anzelc (drummer and singer), the band had a successful run in the mid to late 80s before they disbanded. They did release one full LP A-Z Collection with "Save Your Money" as one of the tracks on it.

Fast forward to 2021 and with Alex Zarbo still active in music and teaming up with new producers and sound engineers to revamp his catalog. "Save Your Money" gets a new life with the pristine and crisp revamp capturing the dynamic sounds of that era where rock music was at the peak. From the rousing guitar riffs, grinding drums, and Zarbo's expressive vocal performance, the track sounds as though it was recorded a few weeks ago. It sure makes for an interesting addition to your playlist with its catchy melodies, insightful messages that everybody can relate to, and youthful energy.  There is also a Malachi Mott Remix of the same song that flips it into a moody trap song that you can check out here

At the moment, Zarbo has a new lineup for the band and is preparing to drop a new LP Hindsight is 20/20 one.

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4 months ago

Lyric video directly from Zarbo official website

This one has a better album cover also from z
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