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Nick Isham captures the chaos of the city on “In the Jungle”

Los Angeles musician Nick Isham presents an authentic depiction of the chaos of city life as he croons smoothly through his latest alt-pop single “In the Jungle.”

Nick Isham began writing his own songs in his senior year of high school, inspired by an eclectic group of musical influences. He loved the guitar-based music of Jack Johnson, hip-hop artists like 2Pac and Eminem, and, of course, legends like Bill Withers and Marvin Gaye. Compiling all of these influences, while also adding his own flavor, Isham created a sound that is uniquely his own. His honest, soulful style quickly earned him an online fanbase, and his music was even picked up by popular TV show American Crime.

Through bittersweet instrumentation and vivid storytelling, "In The Jungle" captures the alienation experienced by those trying to build a life in a big city. Moreover, Isham delves into the challenges that come along with ambition- such as mood swings, fake relationships, and self-doubt. The chorus, especially, expresses these frustrations, acting as an explosive release from these negative emotions.

In the end, however, the mood remains hopeful, as “In the Jungle” carries an optimistic undertone that becomes more apparent as the song plays through. Isham is both a skillful guitarist and emotive vocalist, presenting smooth, bittersweet melodies on "In the Jungle". Overall, this is a great song to soundtrack one's life to, or to enjoy on a day out in the city.  

Connect with Nick Isham: Spotify | Instagram | Twitter

Acoustic · Alt-Pop · Folk · Pop


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