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ekay is actually too "Nice" for some folks

Dubai raised, LA-based emerging neo-soul act ekay (the "e" is always in lowercase) delivers a refreshing take on being confident in her new single "Nice." The burgeoning act may not have a deep catalog yet but she sure has the potential to break through with her unique style. She takes inspiration from neo-soul greats and adds her own hip-hop demeanor into the mix as evidenced on "Nice"

A daring uber-confidence in the vocals creates a carefree performance alongside a moody, lo-fi production crafted by Versus. In between the sparse drum arrangements and pulsating basslines and brooding synths, ekay's sultry vocals thread the fabric of the track and plateaus at the chorus. She embodies the theme of the song and owns it in every way, shape, and form while detailing her experiences with men who feel she is too proud or uppity. She is not the type to keep the charades up or be pretentious to be down with everyone so just be "nice" around her.

This is only the fourth song to come from the LA-based artist, and we can only wait to see what she comes up with next.

Get "Nice" on all DSPs here.
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