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Coral Palms drop the tropical new indie track "Echoes"

Indie boys Coral Palms have dropped their latest track “Echoes.” This wildly energetic track carries a timeless indie aura, full of young, fizzy fun to get the addiction of life pumping through your veins. Regarding romance, these boys know how to write an angsty love song. The Two Door Cinema Club meets Foals vibe gives the snappy, festival dance tune a lighthearted dash of gritty Brit rock.

The drums from Ollie smash through the track with a high vibe, zestful spirit. “Echoes” will not only stay in your mind but will flow throughout your body with its fast tempo, frank lyrics and fruity guitar riffs. “I'm sitting by the ocean and my hearts been broken tonight,” opens the track getting you ready to blow off some emotional steam. The bass and guitars intertwine like a musical dance, rich in color and warmth. The undeniably British vocals give an edge and drive to the music adding a restrained, sexy, charm.

Confessing that they “really just wanted to make tunes that we know we’d bop to at festivals or at a party,” it's not hard to see why the music is so beach party worthy. The feeling of “Echoes” has a united, youthful glow and the vibrancy and energy brought through their music will have you feeling 21, tipsy and loving life. Their latest single “Echoes” is unfathomably addictive, giving a burst of life and leaving you longing to post-pandemic days.

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