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Amy Milner shares the evocative single "Could've Been Right Now"

UK-based Amy Milner shares her new powerful single "Could've Been Right Now", a stunning ballad that captures her incredible songwriting. A peaceful yearning for reconnection, the track offers glimpses of hope for what's to come.

With an emotive piano melody acting as the foundation of the track, Milner's vocals add texture with simplicity. Their celestial qualities sending shivers down your spine whilst providing feelings of empowerment. Blended with intimate and expansive sounds, "Could've Been Right Now" offers a moment of well-needed solace. "This one's for the people we've been missing. The ones who have left our lives pending to be changed for the better as soon as we can be reunited," she explains. "Here's to the lows of this freakish time making the highs that are to come all the better; bringing us closer."

Amy Milner's vulnerability shines throughout while the track's undercurrent sweeps her into a warming embrace, acting as a reminder that things are going to get better. "Could've Been Right Now" is a sweet reminder that although time often heals, sometimes separation can make time the enemy. 

"Could've Been Right Now" is taken from her forthcoming debut album spell_hope.

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Pop · Rhythmic Pop · U.K.


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