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Morcheeba shares new single "Oh Oh Yeah"

The legendary UK band Morcheeba is back with the new single "Oh Oh Yeah" that serves as the follow up to the gripping "Sound Of Blue" and its stunning video. Always one to follow their own path, the new single is a 6-minute long epic piece ripe with Ross Godfrey''s brooding and engulfing production fused with lead singer  Skye Edward's sultry and siren-like vocals taking center stage.

"Oh Oh Yeah" plays to the band's strengths and packs quite a lot in. From the mellow punchy drums, rousing rock guitar riffs, and warm ethereal textures that make up most of the track. The arrangement is impeccable as well and leaves room for Edward's vocals to shine bright when they should. They even throw in a gripping guitar solo towards the end for good measure making it a perfect tag team between the singer and producer. The record is a display of the band's penchant for pushing the envelope and discarding what might seem to be the norm. Totally focused on making the music their priority as opposed to catering to the whims of others, they deliver a stunning record that solidifies their status as true OGs in the game.

"Oh Oh Yeah" is taken from Morcheeba's forthcoming 10th studio album Blackest Blue due May 14th ,

Blackest Blue tracklisting:

1) Cut My Heart Out

2) Killed Our Love

3) Sounds Of Blue

4) Say It’s Over

5) Sulphur Soul

6) Oh Oh Yeah

7) Namaste 

8) The Moon

9) Falling Skies

10) The Edge Of The World


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