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Casper Jones gets in touch with nature on new release "Ghost Town"[Video]

There is something that feels almost otherworldly to the music of Brooklyn-based musician Casper Jones.  Not lacking the depth of emotion while still keeping the majority of his work light and airy is a balancing act that seems to be working wonders for his young career.  His music tends to contrast a battle with personal demons but with a brighter tonality that creates a unique duality in his sound.  After releasing his second EP Gray in December of 2020, the standout single "Ghost Town" finally gets the visual treatment it deserves.

Utilizing the dreamy, blurred vocal style of Healy paired with upbeat, R&B conscious production forms the backbone for much of Jones' work so far.  In "Ghost Town", a distinctly optimistic tone persists and evolves into a song that is easy on the ears while packing in several themes to unravel below the surface.  The brilliantly sanguine visual invokes daydream-like musings of late Spring and reminisces on how we build worlds from the cluttered spaces in which we exist.  Jones and director Denzel Deranamie utilized traditionally indoor spaces placed among wide open fields and dense forests to create a brilliant metaphor for the forced isolation of the past year.  Although based in Bed-Stuy, the rolling fields of rural Massachusetts provide the backdrop for the visual as opposed to the empty streets of post-pandemic New York.  

Relentlessly catchy and charming, "Ghost Town" seems to function as the perfect delineation for the artist himself.  Easygoing but still razor-sharp, the music of Jones isn't hard to access and exists without preconceptions or pretension; it's just good music that is sure to stick in your head and keep you humming its tune for days on end.  

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