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Mondingo shares the interstellar "Starlight"

From his creative hub in the picturesque Ardennes mountains to the world, Belgian-based multi-instrumentalist, producer and songwriter Domien Cnockaert or Mondingo to his contemporaries, has spent the better part of the past two years cultivating his darkly tinted club-inspired alt-pop.

Last summer, we got our first taste of this articulate new direction with "If," and with a new EP on the horizon, appetites are whet once again with the shimmering "Starlight."

Primarily working with two disparate energies, the track flickers between the ocean-deep soundscape of the enveloping verses and the chest-knocking rhythms of the dancefloor aimed passages. Woven together by the ear-worm vocal melodies that underpin the track, the leap between styles works flawlessly, taking you by a wholly grooving surprise.

In the more downtempo verses, Mondingo revels in the luscious soundscape he's forged, laying atop an introspective narrative that pulls you in even deeper. Speaking to this narrative in an email statement, he outlines that, "To me, Starlight is about self-reflection. Searching and finding. Standing still, analyzing, realizing and evolving. Accepting and letting go of things, characteristics and feelings."

"Starlight" is available now via Durbuy Music.

Connect with Mondingo: Facebook | Instagram | Spotify

Alt-Pop · Dance


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