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Italian duo The WDK offer uplifting vibes and contentment on new single, “Enough For Us"

Italian DJ/producer duo The WDK bring together uplifting vibes and smooth vocal on their new single “Enough For Us,” which offers their signature blend of electronic and acoustic blanketed by subdued percussion.

Imbued with much-needed positivity, the track is seamlessly marrying high quality creative production with an effortless vocal delivery for an electro-pop gem that’s as adventurous as it is calming with peaks and falls that lead straight into a catchy hook.


Produced by Italian singer and songwriter Roundrobin — who also collaborated with the duo on guitar-driven ballad, “Our Last Goodbye,” released late last year—their new track boasts of the infectious quality underpinned by an inspirational message that reminds us to find joy and contentment in simple things.

Speaking of the collaboration the duo said, For ‘Enough For Us’ we decided to work with Marco Finotti (Roundrobin) a long-time friend for us, during this special period we decided to make music with some friends without any pressure. Working with friends and making beautiful memories together is all that matters, that would be 'enough for us’.”

 The dynamic duo who have built up a reputation for tasteful, emotive soundscapes and easy-to-understand but powerful lyrics right from their very first tracks such as  “Lost You There” and “Feeling I Know” to more recent offerings like “Can’t Find Now,” “Our Last Goodbye,” have consistently improved their skills and grown their fanbase with each successive release.

On “Enough For Us,”  The WDK balance organic musicality with innovative arrangements to establish their expert production abilities, earworm melodies and an undeniably genuine vibe that puts listeners in a good mood. Imaginative, creative and with lots more powerful, positive musical in the pipeline, the duo is sure to keep growing and go far in their careers in 2021 and beyond.

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9 months ago

Nice tune!