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Norwegian artist Beharie offers an anthem to moving on with new single, "Worry"

Fast-rising Norwegian-based artist Beharie offers his heartfelt single ,“Worry,” embodying the free-flowing creativity and mood-shifting versatility which he introduced in his eponymous debut EP and continues to channel with every piece of work.

With soulful grooves and intuitive song writing, the track is an anthem for lovelorn hearts daring to find themselves again and move on. Taken from his upcoming sophomore EP, the simmering and catchy offering delves into a heartening sense of security as it slides effortlessly between indie-folk and R&B anchored by Beharie’s intense passion and honed musicianship.

Moving from the slow-burning acoustic bliss of previous release “Me and My Lonely,” into the tightened, down-tempo musicality of cascading guitar and catchy percussions of his latest offering, the rising artist showcases a vast musical aptitude underpinned by easy creativity and vocal prowess.

Speaking of the track he said,”I started writing this song in the wake of a breakup. A kind of need for an anthem to move on, and for everything to work out. The song is in many ways quite banal and naive, but at the same time mature in finding a sense of security that everything will work out over time, if you allow it. Sometimes you just have to jump in, sort your thoughts and dare to find yourself again. ”

Drawing upon an education rooted in classical and modern art, Beharie who splits his time between his two passions, acting & music, has proven himself to be multi-faceted and dynamic creative capable of commanding attention and evoking emotions as he moves effortlessly between genres.

Adding to his ever-evolving and ever-growing body of work with consistent excellence, Beharie’s natural penchant for eclectic music styles meets his extensively honed skillsets to create magical soundscapes, time and time again.

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Downtempo · Eclectic · Folk · Indie · R&B


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