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Talia Goddess gets vulnerable on debut single “Never Wanna Fall”

A product of New York City but in a category of her own, Talia Goddess is an undeniable talent. At just 18 years old, this multi-instrumentalist wrote and produced the gripping new rap release “Never Wanna Fall,” the debut single off of her forthcoming EP Poster Girl

The track opens with a reggae-tinged beat which leaves plenty of space for her soulful voice to fill. Inspired by the pain of her first heartbreak, Talia delivers her inner monologue directly to her ex. The chorus' central line, "I don't ever want to fall in love," zeroes in on that particularly angsty moment when the bad of a past relationship outweighs the good. Around the two-minute mark, distorted bass pulls us into a rap section that runs the gamut of post-breakup emotions. After expressing everything from anger and disbelief to a powerful recognition of self-worth, the track floats out on an expansive instrumental.

Whether it is as a musician, DJ, or model, Talia Goddess is determined to make space for young, queer, black artists like herself. With more in the works, she is certainly one to keep an eye on this year. 

Connect with Talia Goddess: Spotify | Instagram

R&B · Rap · Soul


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