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THEY. teams up with Kiana Ledé for "Count Me In" remix

The talented, R&B duo, THEY. has returned to drop off the “Count Me In” remix featuring Kiana Ledé. An extension of their 2020 sophomore album The Amanda Tape, “Count Me In” is a sultry, Bonnie and Clyde track, that harnesses smooth vocals from Drew Love and Kiana with production from Dante. The Amanda Tape released back on October 23 of last year and showcased the dynamic duo’s electric talent. The 10-track album boasted features from Wale, Juicy J, and Tinashe. A representation of their coming of age, the two are picking up where they left off with the new remix.

Sound experimentation is what really makes THEY. stand out. “Count Me In” sounds like the opening scenes of some antiquated western movie. The head-rattling bass plays backseat to the guitar chord progressions while Drew Love croons over the production. We all need that one who's going to hold it down through the highs and lows, and this song is a solid representation of that. “Count Me In” works like the typical ride-or-die love song from the male perspective, but enlisting Ledé’s vocals gives the track some more dimension. Balancing out Love’s loves struck approach, Ledé delivers a sexy and salacious verse that may be a little too much for radio. If you're wondering how she really gets down, she lays it all on this track. Overall, the three artists come together to recreate a song that truly stands out.

Dante and Drew Love have remained poised and creative even during a global pandemic. With a critically acclaimed sophomore album under their belt, THEY. is really bringing something new and fresh to the table. Finally having their chance to break out onto the scene, they don’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. With plenty of time left in the 2021 season, hopefully, the duo can keep the momentum going and give the fans more to love.

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