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The Diskettes roll with the storm on "No Fair, No Fun"

Toronto based indie-pop traversers The Diskettes bring vigour on "Storms," the final track of their debut album No Fair, No Fun. "Storms" is undeniably the standout track with its eclecticism of sound, exhibiting intrepid production to help you wholly visualise a cosmic storm.

“We wanted to end the album in a conflicted way - an uneasy balance between hopeful and ruined. So, although the storm has finished, there is still the implication that a great wave has come and swallowed everything - a calmness has been achieved, but what has been lost?”

Distorted horns and synths compounded by menacing piano set the scene to a dystopian movie. Before you know it sweeping vocals backed by those all-familiar indie guitar chords pick you up and navigate you through the ethereal storm. The intricate production should really test Faerie, lead vocalist on the track, but she seamlessly ebbs and flows with the ever-shifting beat and tantalisingly transitions into a sudden serene end to the song.

Interestingly, the all-girl group cite both the 60’s and Radiohead as key influences behind their formation – an example of the diversity evident in their sound which is displayed in abundance across the 8 track LP. To make it all the more impressive most of the album was recorded in lockdown, when the group were in fact formed. No doubt The Diskettes have a lot more to bring when lockdown has blown over.

Check out the rest of No Fair, No Fun here.

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